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13/05/2021 ZDF reports about SARAH

On Ascension Day, ZDF broadcast a programme about Sarah. The broadcaster accompanied initiator Thomas Nuding in everyday life and during an observation mission.

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06/03/2021 SARAH member Eva Deininger on Bavarian Radio

SARAH member Eva Deininger explains the necessity of a fast boat in the television programme of the Bayrischer Rundfunk. A well-equipped boat should prevent governments from getting stuck and thus prevent valuable loss of time.

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15/02/2021 YouTube Star Riley Whitelum Accompanies SARAH

YouTube star Riley Withelum accompanied SARAH for a few days on an observation mission. His report is meant to illustrate the situation of the fugitives

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03/12/2020 SARAH initiates rescue operation for 64 people.

On its observation mission, the crew of SARAH cruised the sea area off the Canary Islands. In the night from 02 to 03.12.20, the crew sighted two boats, initiated the rescue and remained on site until the people who had fled were rescued.

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27/11/20 First results of the observation mission

The observation mission shows first results on the assessment of the situation on the Canary Islands as well as on the condition and equipment of the boats in which the refugees make the crossing between the African continent and the islands.

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23/11/20 SARAH Sea Rescue sails first observation mission

The sea rescue NGO SARAH (Search And Rescue for All Humans), founded at the beginning of 2020, is sailing on an observation mission in the waters around the Canary Islands. The mission is divided into two parts and consists of a sea and a land part.

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