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Our account balance (income minus expenses) is shown here:

62745 €

550.000 €

Wir haben uns zur Transparency gegenüber unseren Spender:innen auferlegt und veröffentlichen regelmäßig unsere Einnahmen sowie unsere Ausgaben und unseren aktuellen Kontostand. Über größere Ausgaben legen wir Rechenschaft ab.

In our partnership agreement we have set ourselves a deadline:

If we cannot acquire a ship within approximately one year, the funds will be divided among the already active NGOs using a previously determined distribution key. This is a central point of our campaign: we want the donated money to be used for sea rescue.

Wir hoffen, dass unsere Transparenzregeln Anklang finden!


Empfänger: SARAH gemeinnützige UG

Verwendungszweck: Spende

IBAN: DE68 6905 1620 0000 5949 86



We are acc. §5 KStG recognized as a non-profit. According to §60a Abs.1 of the AO, we may issue donation notices (donation receipts). For donations up to € 200, your bank statement is sufficient as a donation receipt for the tax office (in accordance with section 50 (4) sentence 2 of the EStDV2000). For higher donations, it is mandatory to state „Donation for SARaH gUG by first name, surname (or company address); street, house number; postcode, city“ in the reason for transfer. You will then receive a tax-deductible donation receipt from us (as soon as possible).

#My Europe can do more!

Your donation will help us put our ship in the water!

10 €

buy us a life vest

25 €

provide a passenger with water and food for 1 day

50 €

buy fuel to power our ship for 30 minutes

100 €

helfen bei der medizinischen Versorgung von 1 Passagier