Structure of our NGO

SARAH gemeinnützige Unternehmergesellschaft (haftungsbeschränkt) was founded in 2020 with the aim of procuring an ocean-going ship to save people from drowning in the Mediterranean Sea. With the recognition of the non-profit status, a first milestone was reached so that we could start acquiring donations for our ship in June 2020. At the same time, we are working on building up the structures on land. You can find more information on the different areas in the graphic.

Presse Fundraising Netzwerkarbeit Einsatzleitung Juristischer Beistand Agent:in Crewing Kapitän:in IT-Beauftragte:r Mediziner:in Maschinist:in Schiffsköch:in RHIB-Crew


Our press team maintains contacts with journalists and answers press enquiries. You can reach our team at


Our fundraising team has developed a concept to run a fundraising campaign for our society. Through the fundraising campaign, both small, permanent and large donors are recruited. In addition to the campaign, the team takes care of setting up collection boxes and manages the donations collected through SARAH events. You can reach the fundraising team at


Our team members have good connections to other sea rescue organisations and civil society movements such as the Bridge of Seas through their previous missions and their civil society commitment. The team coordinates joint actions and is available as a contact for other participants at

Head of Operations

The mission management team is made up of experienced sea rescuers with appropriate nautical qualifications. This team, consisting of 5-6 skippers, supports the captain of our ship in operational decisions during a mission. The Head-of-Mission-Team (HOM-Team) completes the mission management. This team is made up of the HOM on board and the SARAH shareholders. If you have any questions, the team can be reached at

Legal counsel

Through our previous missions, our team has contacts with lawyers specialising in international and national maritime law in Italy, Malta, Spain and Germany. Furthermore, we are supported in Germany by a tax consultancy office on a voluntary basis.


The agent takes care of all matters concerning the ship and the crew on site in the home port. This ranges from procuring and bunkering food and drinking water for our guests and the crew to organising a berth and purchasing diesel and ship's spare parts.


The constantly changing requirements demand dynamic and adaptable crew management. That is why we rely on an experienced team of crew managers in this area. They plan the composition of the crew, taking into account both professional skills and a harmonious and well-functioning team.


  • nautical skipper and head of 1st watch team
  • 1st nautical officer and head of 2nd watch team
  • 2nd nautical officer and head of 3rd watch team
  • Head of Mission:i (HOM): Guidance of the ship's crew during an ongoing mission as well as contact person to the mission management team ashore.

IT Officer

Responsible for the recording cameras, the PCs and the SAT telephony as well as looking after the ship's electronics.


Die bzw. der Mediziner:in ist Teil der Decksmannschaft, aber hauptverantwortlich für die gesundheitliche und medizinische Versorgung unserer Gäste und der Crew. Für den Bereich „Medical Equipment“ haben wir freiwillige Ärzt:innen mit SAR-Erfahrung, die uns spendenfinanziert die benötigte Grundausstattung besorgen. Durch genaue Dokumentation über den Verbrauch der medizinischen Materialien an Bord stellen wir sicher, dass die Ärzt:innen der Landcrew zügig für Nachschub sorgen können.


Responsible for all mechanical aggregates.

Ship's cook

Catering for the ship's crew. When guests are on board, the cook is assisted by a crew member and volunteers.


consisting of RHIB (Rigid-hull inflatable Boat) driver, communicator and RHIB leader (paramedic).