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Question from G.N.:

How will the ship be allowed to sail according to the “new sport boat safety regulation" that has been in force for a few weeks?


At the time the homepage was created, the "old sports boat regulation" was still in force. In the meantime this has been amended by the Ministry of Transport. We have planned further with the new regulation, but only adapted the text of the homepage today. Our ship should meet the new sport boat safety regulation from a technical point of view. It should remain a small vehicle. This means that the ship must be less than 24 m long and have less than 100 tons GT. According to the new regulation, 2 captains with a patent (formerly A3) AK are sufficient. To do this, a nautical officer must be on board as the third guard shift leader. These 3 guards can be supported by sports boat license holders, since a small vehicle can also be moved by “laypersons” who are supported by “professionals”. A 4th professional seaman (main machinist) does not have to be on board with a drive power of up to 750 kW. We plan with this constellation (minimum crew of full-time seafarers).

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