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The basic inner conviction and practice that we convey with SARAH is universal: Search And Rescue for All Humans.

The dramatic developments on the flight routes to the Canary Islands - starting in Morocco, West Africa and Senegal - make it absolutely necessary for us to become active.

For this reason, we have decided to deviate from our original plan and go on our first mission as an observation mission around the Canary Islands.

Making Europe into a fortress does not mean that people will no longer flee. Rather, the routes that people have to take in their desperation and in their search for a better, safer life for themselves and their loved ones are becoming increasingly dangerous and deadly. Although over 16,000 people have arrived on the islands, the dangerous Atlantic crossing also cost at least 600 people their lives.

On the Canary Islands, the politically responsible structures are completely overwhelmed with the dignified accommodation of people who have arrived. The pier in Arguineguin, Gran Canaria, threatens to become a new moria. We urgently need to consider this new flight route!

Sea rescue is a humanitarian duty for us. The aim of our mission is to document the number of arriving boats over a period of 14 days. We want to know the condition of the people and the boats. Furthermore, the mission serves to get to know our potential new area of operation.

SARAH, our intended vessel, is fast and has a long range. This allows us to plan our missions flexibly and to shift our operational area quickly. We therefore see ourselves in a position to operate with SARAH both in the central Mediterranean and on the coast of West Africa.


SARAH is short for "Search and Rescue for All Humans".

We are firmly convinced that no person in need should be left alone and that no one should be killed while fleeing.

We want to save human lives in the Mediterranean. The escape route across the Mediterranean is one of the deadliest and most dangerous ways to reach Europe. At this - our - European external border thousands of people have lost their lives in recent years.

Since the discontinuation of state-coordinated sea rescue operations in 2016, it is mainly civil sea rescue organizations that rescue people fleeing from drowning and document human rights violations in the Mediterranean.

Despite their efforts, people continue to die trying to cross the Mediterranean.

Meanwhile, the European Union continues to isolate itself and assumes neither political nor humanitarian responsibility, but relies on military armament and cooperation with civil war militias from Libya.

We will not accept this idly, we have a different vision of Europe.

We got together and founded SARAH because everyone of us knows:

#MyEuropecandomore #MeinEuropakannmehr

No one should drown while fleeing across the Mediterranean. Every life counts.

In explicit compliance with the Geneva Refugee Convention Art. 33 para. 1, no one shall be returned to a country where the life or health of the refugee is threatened. That means we are strictly against a return to Libya.

Sea rescue is a humanitarian duty and not an act of mercy.

We will be equipped with a newly built, fast and powerful Schiff save people from distress in the Mediterranean Sea. Our team has been active in both sea rescue and civil society initiatives since 2016. The experience we've gained and the unconditional humanitarian commitment flows into SARAH.

We warmly invite you to inform yourself on our site about our commitment and to support us actively.

Wir erachten es als selbstverständlich, dass kein Mensch bei der Flucht über das Mittelmeer ertrinken und nicht durch illegale push-backs von der sogenannten libyschen Küstenwache in das Bürgerkriegsland Libyen zurückgebracht werden darf. Mit dieser tiefen Grundüberzeugung stehen wir mit geltendem, internationalem Recht in Einklang. Das Seerechtsübereinkommen der Vereinten Nationen verpflichtet zur Rettung von in Seenot geratenen Personen und kein Mensch darf nach der Genfer Flüchtlingskonvention in ein Land gebracht werden, in dem die Gesundheit oder das Leben der Person gefährdet ist.

Die Würde eines jeden Menschen ist unantastbar und Seenotrettung ist Pflicht!

Solange die Mitgliedsstaaten der EU ihren politischen Kurs der Abschreckung und Abschottung weiter verfolgen, muss die Zivilgesellschaft die Rechte und die Würde geflüchteter Menschen schützen und damit die grundlegenden Werte der Humanität und Solidarität verteidigen.

Wir haben eine Vision und sind damit Teil der zivilgesellschaftlichen und solidarischen Antwort.

Unsere Vision hat einen Namen: SARAH.

SARAH wird als neu gebautes, schnelles und reichweitenstarkes Schiff die Anzahl der zivilen Seenotrettungsschiffe nicht nur vergrößern, sondern die Einsatzstärke erhöhen.

Our ship will

  1. sail with a German flag
  2. be fast to minimise the time between the first notification of an emergency at sea and our arrival
  3. have a long range due to large diesel and water tanks, so that a continuous operation of at least three weeks in a row is guaranteed
  4. be optimally equipped with the necessary life-saving equipment and medical materials for the initial and permanent care of admitted guests
  5. be modern to ensure optimal care for people rescued from distress at sea and to avoid long shipyard times due to repair and maintenance
  6. be controllable by as many people as possible with SBF Sea, SKS, SSS and SHS for skilled support of the professional seamen
  7. operate with the minimum number of full-time professional seamen

The consequence of this is

  1. SARAH is a newly built ship based on the layout of a motor yacht. The newly issued Ship Safety Regulation of the German Ministry of Transport forces already operational sea rescue vessels to undergo cost-intensive conversion measures. In the construction plans for SARAH the requirements of the Ship Safety Regulation have already been taken into account. SARAH is 23.99 metres long with an additional RHIB platform with a length of 2.7 metres and a width of 6.95 metres. In addition, the gross tonnage is less than 100 tons. SARAH is therefore a recreational craft that meets the requirements for a ship safety certificate.
  2. The range is 4000 nautical miles at 13 knots cruising speed. At a maximum speed of 20 knots, the range should still be about 2600 nautical miles. This allows us to quickly reach a reported distress at sea and rescue people from distress at sea. We will also significantly reduce the number of people being illegally towed back to a country at war by the so-called Libyan coast guard.
  3. SARAH will bring many advantages as a motor yacht. The upper deck is also a fixed roof for the main deck up to the stern. Both the upper deck and the main deck can be closed weatherproof with bimini tops. This provides protected space for at least 120 people. In addition, a shelter for 12 women and children is built into the deck structure at the level of the main deck. Due to the width of the ship it is nevertheless very seaworthy and stable.
  4. The Emergency-Medical-Room (EMR) in the lower deck guarantees fast medical care. The EMR can be reached level via the RHIB platform through the equipment and rear garage. A "Daily-Medical-Room" on the main deck is designed for permanent medical care.
  5. Several washrooms, equipped with toilet, washbasin and shower, for rescued people, a second kitchen as well as a water tank with a large salt water treatment plant enable the supply and accommodation of shipwrecked people over several days.
  6. SARAH represents the "missing link" between other civil sea rescue organisations and rescued people. It can be quickly at a boat in distress, rescue people and take care of them until a larger NGO ship arrives. Once the rescued people have been safely handed over to the larger vessel, SARAH can immediately rush to the next operation. SARAH can also be deployed as a rescue vessel with 130 to 150 people on board to head north to the next safe haven.
  7. Due to the dimensions of a sport boat, the annual budget according to our planning is about 360,000 Euros, the costs of a single mission are about 40,000 Euros.

Um unsere Vision von SARAH Wirklichkeit werden zu lassen, sind wir auf deine Spende angewiesen!

Nähere Informationen und unsere Verpflichtung zu Transparenz gegenüber unseren Spender:innen findest du in unserem Agreement.

Auf diesem Holzboot sind ca. 45 Personen. Mit SARAH können wir sie mühelos abbergen und zu einem sicheren Hafen bringen.

General Requirements

Names & Faces


Managing Director

born in 1966, technical background, graduate engineer

Since 2016 until today, I have been on seven missions in the Mediterranean Sea as skipper or "Head of Mission" for Sea-Eye e.V. and Mission Lifeline e.V.. On these missions, I have rescued around 3,000 people from distress at sea together with the crews, which also included Olaf, Markus, Cora and Felix.


Fundraising, deputy Managing Director

born in 1963, acad. educ. DSc

I have been active in private sea rescue since the beginning of 2016. In a total of 4 missions (SEA-EYE, Lifeboat, RESQSHIP), I have rescued more than 600 people from distress at sea with my respective team. I was part of the RHIB crew and co-skipper. After we are operational, I will take over the crew management and be part of the operational command.


IT representative

I have only been with SARAH for a short time. I support our team as an IT representative and am therefore mainly active in our social media area. I don't have any SAR experience yet, but I mainly campaigned for the issue of sea rescue in my function as a local politician.


We are currently in the planning phase of events, which will be announced shortly.

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#My Europe can do more!

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