SARAHSearch And Rescue for All Humans

We firmly believe that no human being in need should be left alone or perish in flight. Our goal is to save lives in the Mediterranean and the Atlantic.

The flight route across the sea is one of the deadliest and most dangerous routes to Europe. Over 20,000 people have lost their lives at Europe's external border in recent years. Since the cessation of state-coordinated sea rescue in 2016, civil society sea rescue organisations have been conducting their missions. They document human rights violations and save people fleeing from drowning. Despite their efforts, people continue to die trying to cross the sea.

No person should drown while fleeing across the Mediterranean or the Atlantic, because every life counts. Sea rescue is a humanitarian duty and not an act of mercy.

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Mit unserem schnellen und leistungsstarken Schiff, die SARAH, werden wir Menschen aus Seenot retten. Unser Team ist seit 2016 sowohl in der Seenotrettung als auch in zivilgesellschaftlichen Initiativen aktiv.

We came together and founded SARAH because each and every one of us knows:
#MyEuropecandoMore or #MeinEuropakannMehr

The routes that people take in desperation and in search of a better, safer life are becoming increasingly dangerous and deadly. In the first five months of 2021 alone, 600 people have died on the run.

Mit deiner Spende finanzierst du den Umbau des Schiffes, mit dem wir die Einsätze fahren werden.

About the ship

#My Europe can do more!

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provide a passenger with water and food for 1 day

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help with medical care for 1 passenger

News & Press

17.01.2022 Spendenaufruf für SARAH

Auf wurde ein Spendenaufruf gestartet, um den Schiffsbau sowie benötigte Hilfsmittel für die Bergung von Menschen in Seenot zu finanzieren.

Zum Spendenaufruf
04.01.2022 Vortrag über SARAH

In diesem Vortrag erzählt Thomas Nuding, Gründer der Seenotrettungsorganisation "SARAH-Seenotrettung", von den humanitären Katastrophen, die sich im Atlantik und im Mittelmeer ereignen. Er berichtet hier von den verschiedenen Fluchtrouten und Booten und vor allem wie den Menschen geholfen wird.

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13/05/2021 ZDF reports about SARAH

On Ascension Day, ZDF broadcast a programme about Sarah. The broadcaster accompanied initiator Thomas Nuding in everyday life and during an observation mission.

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06/03/2021 SARAH member Eva Deininger on Bavarian Radio

SARAH member Eva Deininger explains the necessity of a fast boat in the television programme of the Bayrischer Rundfunk. A well-equipped boat should prevent governments from getting stuck and thus prevent valuable loss of time.

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15/02/2021 YouTube Star Riley Whitelum Accompanies SARAH

YouTube star Riley Withelum accompanied SARAH for a few days on an observation mission. His report is meant to illustrate the situation of the fugitives

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03/12/2020 SARAH initiates rescue operation for 64 people.

On its observation mission, the crew of SARAH cruised the sea area off the Canary Islands. In the night from 02 to 03.12.20, the crew sighted two boats, initiated the rescue and remained on site until the people who had fled were rescued.

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27/11/20 First results of the observation mission

The observation mission shows first results on the assessment of the situation on the Canary Islands as well as on the condition and equipment of the boats in which the refugees make the crossing between the African continent and the islands.

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23/11/20 SARAH Sea Rescue sails first observation mission

The sea rescue NGO SARAH (Search And Rescue for All Humans), founded at the beginning of 2020, is sailing on an observation mission in the waters around the Canary Islands. The mission is divided into two parts and consists of a sea and a land part.

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Our Ship

SARAH is the name of the newly built ship that we will use for our missions. As sea rescue often involves a few crucial hours, it is necessary to have a fast and manoeuvrable boat. SARAH is therefore classified as a pleasure craft and is quickly on the spot for urgent sea emergencies.

SARAH's goal is to be on the scene quickly, rescue people onto a safe boat and care for them until a larger NGO vessel arrives. After the handover, SARAH can immediately rush to the next mission. The vessel is built to provide sheltered space for up to 120 people.

Our ship will

  1. sail under the German flag in the Mediterranean.
  2. be quick to minimise the time between the first report of a marine emergency and our arrival.
  3. have a long range due to large diesel and water tanks, so that a continuous operating time of at least three weeks at a time is guaranteed.
  4. be optimally equipped with the necessary rescue equipment and medical materials for initial and permanent care.
  5. built to the most modern standards. This ensures optimal care for people rescued from distress at sea and avoids long shipyard times due to repair and maintenance work.
  6. be easy to use to facilitate the work of our trained and volunteer seafarers.
Measures 24 metres long, 7 metres wide
Range 4,000 nautical miles (at 13 knots cruising speed)
Space 120 people on deck, shelter for 12 women and children
Specific features Emergency medical room for rapid medical care
Expenditure Annual budget: 360,000 EUR, costs per mission: 40,000 EUR

Names & Faces


Managing Director

born in 1966, technical background, graduate engineer

Since 2016 until today, I have been on seven missions in the Mediterranean Sea as skipper or "Head of Mission" for Sea-Eye e.V. and Mission Lifeline e.V.. On these missions, I have rescued around 3,000 people from distress at sea together with the crews, which also included Olaf, Markus, Cora and Felix.


Fundraising, deputy Managing Director

born in 1963, acad. educ. DSc

I have been active in private sea rescue since the beginning of 2016. In a total of 4 missions (SEA-EYE, Lifeboat, RESQSHIP), I have rescued more than 600 people from distress at sea with my respective team. I was part of the RHIB crew and co-skipper. After we are operational, I will take over the crew management and be part of the operational command.


IT representative

I have only been with SARAH for a short time. I support our team as an IT representative and am therefore mainly active in our social media area. I don't have any SAR experience yet, but I mainly campaigned for the issue of sea rescue in my function as a local politician.


Social Media

ch bin seit Oktober 2021 bei SARAH dabei und für den Bereich Social Media verantwortlich. Ich studiere Sozial-und Kulturanthropologie und freue mich, hier nun nebenbei dieses Projekt unterstützen zu können. Noch habe ich keine SAR Erfahrung, freue mich aber über alles was an Erfahrung noch kommen kann.


Koordinator für quasi Alles

Jahrgang 1982, Master of Science

Ich bin auch von Anfang an dabei.



Ich bin von Anfang an dabei gewesen, hatte 1 Jahr pausiert, bin seit August 2022 wieder an Bord.


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14.10.2021: Vortrag: „Elend, Flucht, das Meer und Ertrinken….  oder: Seenotrettung!“

Vortrag von Thomas Nuding im evangel. Gemeindezentrum, Karlstr. 24, 72488 Sigmaringen

Beginn: ab 19.00, Einlass: ab 18.30 Uhr, 3G-Coronaregeln beachten!


05.11.2021: Vortrag: „Seenotrettung vor Libyen und im Atlantik – Elend, Folter, Flucht – am Ende Ertrinken?!“

Vortrag von Thomas Nuding in der Rätschenmühle e.V., Schlachthausstr. 22, 73312 Geislingen/Steige

Beginn: ab 19.30, Einlass: ab 19.00 Uhr, 3G-Coronaregeln beachten!


09.11.2021: Beginn unserer Missionen auf den Kanaren (siehe INSTAGRAMM), Bewerbungen bitte unter